June 3, 2021

Last week we covered your value in marriage and your value if single. We see there is value in every person God creates. This week we will look at our purpose through the value God places on each one of us. Your value doesn’t require purpose; You have purpose because of your value!!




What is purpose?


Noun –The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

– have as ones intention or objective

Why did God create Man, what was man’s purpose?


Gen. 1:28, 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”


Gen. 2:15, “15 Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. 


Every one of us has a purpose given to us by God when He created us. By definition are you doing what you were created for?


I want to ask each one of you, is your value to God dependent on the things you do or do your works or lack of works affect your value to God?


Remember our earlier studies told us what value God placed on us, what was it?


God does want us doing something, working in some fashion.


2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. ( Prov 21:24;prov. 24:30-34; Acts 20:34; 1Thes. 4:11-12)


Jesus gave a parable in Matt. 25: 14-30 about using what the Lord gives you for His kingdom. The Lord doesn’t want us to just sit around doing nothing!





Try to think of some of the commands Jesus gave us. What were some of them, what are some things Jesus told us to do?


James 2: 14-26, 14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God. 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. 25 Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? 26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. (Gen. 15:6; Romans 3:27-28; Gal. 2:15-16; Gal. 5.6)


We are not saved by works or deeds or by fulfilling the law. The ten commandments are there to show us that we cannot possibly live up to them and desperately need a Savior. We cannot save ourselves. Jesus Christ is our Savior. When you receive God’s free gift of salvation your natural desire is to do works or deeds for Him because of your love for Him!! Your works will show others your faith. Faith cannot exist or is dead without works, as James said.


Ephesians 2:8-10,8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast. 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.


Knowing you have value and purpose to God, how do you see your relationship with God now?



Next week:   God gave you gifts for His purpose!!



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