A Gospel Centered Church: 1 Corinthians:1
A look into the foundational principles of Christianity.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 23, 2022

A Gospel Centered Christian: 1 Corinthians: 2
By God’s power we are able to reach people with the Gospel.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 30, 2022

Gospel Centered Maturity:
1 Corinthians: 3

We must not be deceived and put our faith in men but be wise and mature and put our faith in Christ.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 6, 2022

Gospel Centered Humility:
1 Corinthians: 4

It’s easy and prideful to think that you’re always doing the right thing because you’re doing it for God. We must humbly take correction and be ready to turn from our prideful ways.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 13, 2022

Mishandling Christian Discipline
1 Corinthians: 5

Christian discipline is not meant for the condemnation of the christian but the restoration.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 20, 2022

Mishandling the Body of Christ
1 Corinthians: 6

Sexual immorality is harmful in many ways.
Hurting not only your own body but the others you engage with.

Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 27,2022