LUKE 15:11-32

God is a father like no other.
Brian Silliman
June 19, 2022

Water Baptism:
Everything you need to know about baptism.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
April 24, 2022

Jesus: The Man, the Myth, the Resurrection: Acts 2:22-39
Seeing the truth about Jesus.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
April 17, 2022

Good Friday 2022: 
God did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.
Pastor Geno Pensiero
April 15, 2022

A Caring Family: Philippians 2:5-11
Jesus humbled Himself and left us the perfect picture of what it looks like to serve others.
December 26, 2021
Pastor Weston Rapozo

A Loving Family: Philippians 2:1-4
No one understands or loves us like our family in Christ.
December 19, 2021
Pastor Weston Rapozo

Three Boat Rides with Jesus: Mark 4:35-41
God has called all of us to do His work, even if we feel unworthy we need to put our trust in Him and live out the calling He has set before us.
December 12, 2021
Pastor Bryan Parish

God’s Way Not Ours: Acts 27
God’s plans for us are always better than our own!
August 29, 2021
Brian Silliman 

The Believers Adoption: Romans 8:14-25
We have been adopted by God through Jesus Christ!
August 22, 2021
Pastor Jacob Kelso

True Story: Luke 24:1-12
We can be confident in Christ’s resurrection.
April 4, 2021
Pastor Weston Rapozo

Two Tickets to Paradise: Matthew 27:38-44, Luke 23:39-43
Christ’s death brought more than just Him to paradise.
April 2, 2021
Pastor Geno Pensiero

Thankful Grieving: Lamentations 3:22-33
We can be thankful to God despite the hardships we face. 
November 29, 2020
Pastor Weston Rapozo

We Do Not Lose Heart: 2 Corinthians 4
We can find rest in the Gospel, power of God, and future hope. 
March 22, 2020
Pastor Weston Rapozo