As part of Stockton’s community and the family of Christ, it is our responsibility to serve and reach out to our neighbors. We are looking for servants to get involved in our outreach to the community.

We are specifically looking for servants to lead trips to the farmers markets, delta market, city parks, and more.

Community events

Outreach Steps

1. Identify: Choose a community event or public location, including specific date and time.
2. Recruit: Invite others to join you, forming a team of at least 2 people (specifically Christians).
3. Plan: Create a plan that involves (a) handing out fliers, (b) at least one form of service, and (c) communicating a specific message about the Gospel and/or our church.
4. Supply: Calculate cost and resources required from our church and seek approval for them. This includes tracks, possible canopy usage, possible attendance fees, cost of resources to provide a service.
5. Go: Attend the event. Be sure to pray as a group before and after, ask others to support you in prayer while you go. Try to write down people’s names you meet and relevant prayer requests related to what you discussed. Connect interested people to the relevant ministry at our church (Sunday service, Men’s, Women’s, Children, etc.).

Got Stuck? – Have Questions?

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