The Beginning of the Church (Acts 1)
We learn the importance of the Church, from the Church before it was a Church. 

Pastor Weston Rapozo
September 17, 2023

The Coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2)
The first time Christians were filled with the Spirit shows us what it looks like.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
September 24, 2023

Our God Heals (Acts 3)
God still does miracles today that demonstrate His love for us.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 1, 2023

To Be Bold Like Jesus (Acts 4:1-31)
True followers of Jesus begin to look, sound, act, and even suffer like Him.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 8, 2023

God’s Design for the Church
(Acts 4:32-5:16)
The Church is our true family, giving our lives to each other and to The Lord.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 15, 2023

God’s Work is Unstoppable
(Acts 5:17-6:7)
What a blessing to be able to do the Work of God and know nothing can defeat it.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 22, 2023

The First Martyr (Acts 6:8-7:60)
To be full of faith is to bring Jesus to the world without fear.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
October 29, 2023

Along for the Ride (Acts 8)
We want to make sure we are following Christ for the right reasons and ready for Him to use us at any moment. 
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 5, 2023

Saving the Unsavable (Acts 9)
There are no limits to who the Lord can save.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 12, 2023

How to disagree with God
(Acts 10:1-11:18)

We want the wisdom to let God change our stubborn minds.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 19, 2023

The Hand of God (Acts 11:19-12:15)
The Lord intervenes to grow His Church in the face of adversity.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
November 26, 2023

Truth By Comparison (Acts 13)
The truth of Jesus is clear when measured against anything else.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
December 3, 2020

Serving God Can Be Tough (Acts 14)
Sometimes successful ministry feels like our efforts are continuously being stopped.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
December 10, 2023

How to Disagree in Church (Acts 15)
Orderly debate can be healthy, but stubborn disunity is harmful.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
January 7, 2024 

Walk, Live, Serve by Faith (Acts 16)
Being an obedient Christian means to do God’s will when you don’t want to and not do your will when you want to. 
Pastor Weston Rapozo
January 14, 2024

How to Share Our Faith (Acts 17)
Sharing our faith can actually be more natural than keeping it to ourselves.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
Januraury 21, 2024

How to Serve in Ministry (Acts 18)
Serving God and others is one of the most practical ways we follow Jesus.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
Januraury 28, 2024

Seeing Transformation in Christ (Acts19)
Growing in our awareness of God’s work helps us trust and rely on Him more.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
February 4, 2024

Devotion to Serving the Lord (Acts 20)
The Gospel drives us to the ministry of God’s word and the blessing of giving over receiving. 
Pastor Weston Rapozo
February 11, 2024

A Man on a Mission (Acts 21)
Following through on what God calls us to takes determination, graciousness, and faithfulness.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
February 18, 2024

Faith When Things Aren’t Going Well
(Acts 22-23)
When we struggle we’re encouraged that God has a good plan for us.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
February 25, 2024

The Seriousness of the Gospel
(Acts 24:1-25:12)
The life or death stakes of the message of Jesus disrupt our lives and those we share with.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
March 3, 2024

The Gospel in Every Situation
(Acts 25:13-26:32)

Every Christian needs a missionary mindset to see opportunities to share Jesus.

Pastor Weston Rapozo
March 10, 2024

God Uses Us in Life’s Wrecks
(Acts 27:1-28:10)

We trust God is always at work and we’re ready for Him to use us.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
March 17, 2024

To the End of the Earth… (Acts 28:11-31)
Acts teaches us to share Jesus with the world by being who God calls us to be.
Pastor Weston Rapozo
March 24, 2024